Scott Disick Curses Out An Elderly Man


While on a shopping trip in Beverly Hill this Past Friday, Scott Disick got into an ugly argument with an elderly man.

According to reports, the stranger bumped into Scott as they were crossing paths on the sidewalk. Scott, at first, brushed off the minor hit, until the man proceeded to call the Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s star a “bitch” … causing Kourt’s baby daddy to completely loss his temper.

“I don’t give a f*** how old he is, get away from my f***in’ car,” Scott shouted as a photog attempted to calm him down by suggesting he just ‘relax.’

Watch the crazy moment below.

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Written by Cannon Hunter

Co-Founder / Media & Film Director for an urban and hip Hollywood gossip and entertainment website that gives readers daily celebrity news. As the Multimedia Creative lead for TheDaily411 each 411 minute and webisode are frames from her lens.

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