Nicki Minaj & Ellen DeGeneres Hilariously Bond Over Not Dating/Hating Men

Rumor around town is that Nicki Minaj is dating New York Queen’s rap legend, Nas.

The “No Frauds” rapper took to Instagram last week to share a photo of herself hugged up with the producer. “Only KINGS recognize QUEENS,” she captioned the pic.

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Today, Minaj guest starred on The Ellen Show and, of course, the daytime talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres, had to get the tea on Nicki’s new possible romance.

Ellen began with Minaj’s very boobalicious outfit at Paris Fashion week–where Minaj’s left breast was on full display. “It’s a wonderful breast,” DeGeneres joked. “Is that your favorite breast, the left one, is that why you feature it?” she asked.

Minaj played along accordingly, “I’m an equal opportunity boob shower–I love them both.”

To which DeGeneres pried, “And does Nas like both of them the same as well?”

(Duhn, Duhn, Duhn! The rapper was caught red-handed!!) Minaj ugly-laughed. 

“There’s a rumor y’all are dating, and if it’s true, I’m all for it. I love him so much—ever since ‘One Mic.’ That’s where I first found him,” the comedian told.

Nicki minaj went on to say that she thinks he’s really “dope,” and confessed that they’ve had sleepovers. However, Minaj went on explained that she’s celibate. “I’m just chillin’ right now.”

“I wanted to go a year without dating any man–I hate men,” Minaj continued.

DeGeneres concurred and, in response, hilariously rose the roof.

Check out the moment below because Minaj’s laugh is contagious. Like, can these two get a show together?

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Written by Cannon Hunter

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