Maia Campbell Doesn’t Want LL Cool J’s Help

Maia Campbell Doesn't Want LL Cool J's Help
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Unfortunately, Maia Campbell has garnered attention after a video surfaced of the 40-year-old high on drugs in Atlanta, GA. The one minute clips shows the former In The House actress toothless and disheveled, while being taunted by the cameraman.

After the video went viral, LL Cool J took to social media asking his followers to help him find Campbell, who struggles with substance abuse. “If someone has a contact on Maia, please let me know.”

Late Monday night, Campbell was spotted and she responded to LL’s plea. “Hey Todd, look bro, I love you. I don’t need help, I just need a benefit concert for mental health. Don’t DM me, it’s really me and this is Darryl,” the actress tells Darryl the videographer.

#MaiaCampbell sends a message to #LLCoolJ. Says she does not need help (swipe for more)

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Campbell continued, “This is the shop that I temp at, or whatever. We’re good. I’m good. I’m doing property, I have investments. I’m a real serious person. And my show is called [inaudible].”

Darryl asked, “How should he get in touch with you?” to which Campbell says, “Don’t call me, I’ll call you,” and laughs. Darryl again, in a more serious tone this time, urges her to answer the question, after which she then replies: “I’m really on Instagram. But I don’t want it to go down.”

“But how will he get in touch with you?” Darryl continued. “I don’t know, pray to God … that I don’t start rapping. Oops!” Campbell responded. At the end of the video, Maia walks away from the camera irritated.

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