LeAnn Rimes Slammed For Eric Garner Tweets

By TD411 contributor: Bethsaida Romelus

LeAnn Rimes has gotten lot of heat for going on Twitter after there was announcement for no indictment for the New York City police officer responsible for Eric Garner’s death. She was at the NBC’s big live television event surrounding the lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree at the same time as the protest for justice for Eric Garner was spreading throughout New York. She went on Twitter and wrote:

“Wow, riots are sad tonight coming out of a joyous place. #peaceatchristmas #prayersforall.”

People on twitter responded to her ignorance:

“Riots aren’t sad you idiot. Someone being murdered by a police officer is sad. Get off Twitter and educate yourself.”

“There are no riots happening in NYC right now. There are protests.”

“They’d love us to think it’s a bunch of rioting when it’s mostly protesting. Why mention riots? #BlackLivesMatter,”

LeAnn tried to cover herself by explaining that she didn’t mean any harm:

“Yes, it’s all sad and disturbing & I’m saying it’s horrible everyone can’t live in peace. #imprayingforeveryoneinvolved.”

“Omg I have a heart for human beings and think any hate towards anyone is sad.”

She than offered a longer apology:

“My heart is in the right place. I am sad for everyone tonight. Those who are wronged, those who are struggling, those who are heartbroken. My heart is with you. I wish peace for all. I apologize if my understanding of the ny protests were taken in any other way. It was what was being relayed to me and reported.”

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