Justin Bieber Goes Off On His Fans In Manchester, ‘Respect Me Or Else’

via TMZ
via TMZ

Justin Bieber has been angrily storming off on his fans during different performances of his Purpose World Tour. More recently this time in Manchester, England, he threatened that if his fans didn’t stop screaming he would cut all the talking parts out of the show and just perform the music.

He explained, “I appreciate all the support. I appreciate all the love. I appreciate all the kind things. But the screaming in these breaks has got to stop. Please and thank you!” before walking offstage.

TMZ reports that the pop star just wants the kind of basic respect from his concertgoers other artists, like Adele, get.

via TMZ,

Our JB sources say he’s doing all of this intentionally. He does not want to perform at concerts where he’s drowned out by screaming fans. He feels his music and message have evolved into adult territory, and thinks if his fans get excited, it should be over his music … not him.

We’re told Bieber plans to “train” his fans into shutting up when he sings and talks onstage. He thinks if he walks offstage, they’ll learn fast when to vocalize and when to shut it.

Fact is … it kinda worked for Bieber when it came to people taking pics without asking him first. He started denying people the opportunity, and they quickly fell in line.

Watch the moment below.

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