Jidenna Drops Heartbreaking Music Video, “Bambi” – Watch

On the heels of the release of his debut LP The Chief, Jidenna has blessed us yet again with the visuals for track 4, “Bambi.”

In the music video, the Classic Man reflects on a relationship with a woman who is said to be the love of his life. While chugging some liquid courage from a flask kept in the left breast pocket of his suit coat, the artist drunkenly runs down a road in slow motion all while being confronted with memories from their past. He reminisces on his lost romance with “Bambi” in the reflection of a cars window-shield and a store-front window. The disheveled R&B singer finally arrives at a church, where he is seen crashing the wedding of his lost lover and pleading for her affection one last time.

In addition to the incredibly heartbreaking storyline, the complementing sound is surely something to vibe out to–as he’s mixed influences from West African Highlife and trap music.

He recently told Rolling Stone in an interview, “I didn’t grow up in a very musical household, but during the holidays, my mother used to always play Nat King Cole, good old Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin. That song is a product of those moments, when I’d be singing those melodies, those Harry Belafonte melodies, but fusing that with West African Highlife and trap music. I’ve never really made that many love records. That’s a special song to me to dig deep and show that side of myself.

Check out Jidenna’s video for “Bambi” above.

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Written by Cannon Hunter

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