Drake’s Party Gets A Visit From The Cops

Drake, Super Bowl Park, Notice ComplaintDrizzy Drake kept the neighbors awake.

Over Super Bowl weekend, the “Started From The Bottom” rapper skipped out on the New Orleans festivities and held his own Super Bowl fiesta with some of his closest friends,but the police had to make a cameo and crash the party.

What was the issue you ask? A noise compliant was made by the neighbors.

Police came to Drake’s mansion early in the evening around 5:15 p.m. when the party had just got under way to quiet down the party goers.

They were called back once more during the evening and the rapper got off easy. 5-0 gave Drake a warning for the loud party noise even though they were called twice. No citations were given and he got let off the hook.

Seems like the neighbors should have just joined in on the party if they had an issue with it.

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Written by Cyan Taylor

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