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“Bite size – no filter pop news powered by video & social media.”

– 411 Media Team


Are you ready to place your company or product in front of our target audience. TheDaily411 followers are focused on making their mark in the world with passion and pride.  Fueled by the news shared on our blog many identify with celebrity and music and are inspired by the day-to-day lives of those they admire. Connect with our empowered millennial, Gen Z audience.

Cross-channel promotion

As a self-proclaimed media source, TheDaily411 attracts its audience through video and social media channels. Custom sponsorship, advertising and publishing are available to build your brand and drive the response you want. Our innovative marketing strategies can turn audiences into customers, helping you reach the people who matter to your business and deliver the right message. Connect with us to learn how our influencer role fits into your current marketing strategy.



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